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. a two horse battle on super tuesday as mitt romney and rick santorum pick up key campaign victories. at this minute, the biggest prize, the battle for ohio, is still too close to call. at this point mitt romney wins virginia vermont and massachusetts, the state he was once governor. santorum wins tennessee and north dakota. and newt gingrich wins his home state of georgia. rebecca cooper is live in our newsroom with the latest. a cliffhanger. >> it is. usually by this time of night on super tuesday, we would have a pretty good idea of who would win the nomination, but not today, not in this unpredictable primary. we knew it would be close in ohio, and it is. the polls close at 7:30. it is still too close to call. the latest numbers are from hamilton county. those numbers seem to have boosted mitt romney to a slight lead but those are unofficial numbers. right now the official tally shows rick santorum slightly ahead, 38-37. we will keep a close eye on the numbers, as will the candidates. well ohio is the most closely watched, tennessee was also considered a big prize. mitt romney wa
in the caucus state of idaho but the big one less nine is ohio which is where mitt romney and rick santorum spent their day. >> mitt romney and rick santorum have the eyes on the same prize. >> are we going to win tomorrow? [cheers and applause] . >> i believe you are going to do the right thing tomorrow. i need your vote. get out there. ohio the hope of the earth. >> 470-delegates are on the line, and it could be the best opportunity for mitt romney to break away from his rivals. he is seeing a new surge and a new quinnipiac poll shows him up. it is a dramatic 10-point swing for mitt romney just during one week. >> during the campaign, there has been a discussion of all sorts of issues, and i keep bringing it back. more jobs, less government. >> there are troubling signs for his campaign down the road. a new poll shows that just 28% have a favorable view of him, and among the independents comic it is even worse he 22%. romney will likely emerge as the overall winner in that critical race for delegates. >> i think after tomorrow, it becomes almost impossible for anyone other than mitt romne
for house.te mitt romney took aim at t obama after about a bill that thed have blocked onsident's policy contraception coverage after he support auld not backed amendment. romney said he would support the amendment. the former massachusetts targeted the which remainsate above 8% as the primary reason to the white house. rick santorum bills himself as conservative in the race. o said mitt romney's to the contraception if not conservative the court. candidates are through the nine super and five days. >> disturbing new developments scandal at penn state. charging documents claimed the alleged victims are as young as eight-years old. attacks occurred at a of places. his home, state college hotels, facilities on campus, and a car. he is now confined to his home until his trial in may. closer to home, the suspected coast rapist has been found competent to stand trial. thomas is accused of sexually assaulting three nighte girls on halloween in 2009. police believe he is connected to 17 attacks in four states. convicted, he is facing life in prison. >> temperatures are dropping after we reach 7
. the latest poll shows a man romney within a point advantage over santorum and wisconsin. breaking news with newt gingrich's campaign. newt gingrich is cutting back his campaign schedule which will lay off about one-third of his staff. he is also replacing his campaign manager bill as a big choice convention strategy. this comes as he is an annapolis where he says if he is not the nominee he will support mitt romney, but only if he wins the nomination. police in san diego are trying to figure out who still critical campaign items from two of the campaign aides. their laptops ipads, and radios were gone. this say they do not know of the aids or targeted or if the crime was a random one. mitt romney remains significantly ahead in the delegate count. >> they want to add more speed cameras across the district. we will tell you who is fighting back tonight. who says this man was a hero during today poses serious scare a monday jetblue flight. >> becomes believe they were attacked because of their sexual orientation. >> a cold morning this morning. turn left. the passat is one of nine volks
romney is getting ready head back to our region. afternoon, mitt will campaign but bob carlitz -- erlich. wednesday night, he will host a rally in frederick. the state primary is scheduled for april 3. r today, mitt romney visited the university of chicago. the latest polls show mitt romney with a double-digit lead k santorum in illinois. as for his chief competitor, santorum spent the evening in peoria, illinois. he issued -- the issue is not e economy, but an oppressive that is taking away freedom. despite his comments, polls show is the most important for voters all across the nation. "dancing with of got under way this evening. >> here is a first look at the contestants. wagner, a fan favorite. he and 11 others are vying for the trophy. >> on our facebook page, we passed to you are voting for. >> all right. we will see how it goes. up, big news from oprah televisionew network. been in theou have o get the newest ipad. few -- metro is during rushchanges hour. we will talk >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. e possible relief, for o riders, particularly if he during rush hour. met
romney. >> i think it is time for people to get behind this good man. >> bush and his wife met with romney in houston to make the enforcement official. the former president called mitt romney a good man. his son, he at this point in staying out of the gop nomination. if the johnson we will let you know. a big revelation in a controversy surrounding apple. what investigators have discovered. >> check out this video from last week. police officers pulled over batman. not only do we have the video to show you we talk to the officer pulled him over. >> we do have a frost and freeze advisories' out. >> caught on camera, the caped crusader caught driving his batmobile. there was no sign of robin or the joker. the driver who pulled them over is talking about what happened. this happened on route 29. >> unusual to say the least. montgomery county police found themselves not making just the international news when this happened. he got some pretty interesting things to say about the whole experience. >> in nearly 30 years with montgomery county police, this officer says this traffic sto
voters in hawaii and alabama well make their choice. mitt romney asked for help from jeff foxworthy in alabama. he is the latest in a list of celebrities behind a candidate for president. rick santorum spent part of his day meeting voters at dreamland barbecue, in tuscaloosa. he said if they want a true conservative, he is the one who can win. newt gingrich was in biloxi, mississippi. he took aim at romney. he called romney the weakest republican frontrunner in aa century. he is third in delegates, and the winner needs 144444 -- and he has just over one hundred. we will have up to minute reports as the results come in tomorrow night. leon? >> new at 11:00 obama speakss out about the masssare ofsacre of afghan officials. he called the 16 deaths a tragedy and says they do not represent american forces. >> i spoke to president karzai. in no way does this represent the enormous effort by our men and women in uniform in afghanistan. >> karzai said nine of those who were killed or children and three were women. the motivations are not known at this time. the staff sergeant has been in the
will sign the bill into law. >> mitt romney has wrapped up another victory. late tonight, he was declared the victor in the washington state caucus. he was far away, and ohio trying to gain support in the politically key state. it has been a of busy weekend for the republican candidates. >> let's take it back. >> met romney learned that he won the washington state caucuses, making the case he should be the republican nominee. >> they just keep raising taxes, blamed the other party. we need people who can get the job done. >> ron paul and rick santorum nearly tied for second place. ron paul is using the campaign stump as a bully pulpit. >> too much money, too many lives. >> romney, santorum, and newt gingrich are spending much of their time in the key state of ohio. super tuesday is coming up, the prize, 210 delegates. at the heart and soul of who we are as a country. >> santorum says he is the true conservative candidate. he says voters are getting mixed messages. >> we will govern with a mandate from the people to do the scale of change that is necessary to return power to you. we need a
nomination. there is a more intense spotlight on the mitt romney campaign after his uninspiring finish last night. he still does have a big lead in the delegate count. rick santorum says he is not going anywhere anytime soon. >> we had a pretty good night last night. >> rick santorum was upbeat after 24 hours of the sweeping the mississippi and alabama primaries. mitt romney finished third today. >> he did win over the wealthier voters those earning $100,000 or more chose him. today on fox news, he stood firm saying he does connect with all the voters. >> guess what? i made a lot of money. i have been very successful. i am not going to apologize for that. >> he argued this country wants other -- this country want somebody who can help others become successful. >> more than 60% said they thought santorum had a strong moral character. that is a compelling argument for women to vote for rick santorum. >> mitt romney is confident that will change. >> rick santorum is that the desperate and of his campaign is -- and is trying to boost its prospects. >> in the meantime, the newt gingrich campaign
. by this time tomorrow night mitt romney was in birmingham alabama where voters head to the polls on tuesday. he blamed president obama for failing to get the unemployment rate below 8%. in kansas, rick santorum said obama and romney want to take america's money and freedom away so they can tell them how to live. he also hammered romney for the health-care overhaul he signed. >> more companies are bringing jobs back and investing in america. manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's. >> president obama was in virginia where he was greeted by governor bob mcdonnell. the president touted the report. the country added 227,000 jobs. abc7 is your election station. turn to us tomorrow night for the results on the caucasus. still to come, the pope takes a stand and blasts america in front of american bishops. why he is talking about sex. >> what is going on on the movies? just ahead. >> huge news for the washington redskins. they have reportedly agreed to a trade. le, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i s inhe 16th cen
could be on the short list running mate should mitt romney be the nominee. the new ultrasound abortion bill could be a voter -- a problem with voters nationwide. >> i supported him as a potential running mate. >> now says that support is not so strong. >> it surprised me that it passed. i think it will make it difficult for him in the future. >> like many other female virginia voters, she is outraged by the law that will allow -- that will require all women in the commonwealth to get an ultrasound before being allowed to get an abortion. she feels like it is the government going too far. >> i feel like if you want to have an abortion you should have an abortion. you should not have to do all this stuff. >> if the governor's name is being tossed around, i in virginia, a big thank you for gov. bob mcdonnell. it seems the rising star was in the republican ranks as a lot to lose. >> i think it would look bad upon him. >> not so say those who are proud of a governor who stands its ground. >> in the people will look at his record in virginia and not look at one particular social issue. >> i
. are live, at jay korff. >> new at 11:00, voters in wyoming tonight where voters -- a mitt romney picks up 10. santorum picks up nine. in an interview mitt romney says support an effort to obamae the administration's issue on the issue. he says he did not understand the question. rick santorum spent the day in one day after a strong showing in michigan. we learned santorum's campaign raised $9 million this month. as for the incumbent tonight, obama paid tribute to rock formal whitewith a house dinner. to hundred guests g them the event was a chance to say thank you. many serve the multiple the iraq.ts and them were wounded during the war. a man who is fighting for his o her hitting a pickup truck. walking on 198 when say in eastbound truck sidewalk andhe slammed into him. the truck was driving at normal speeds. police say all they know it was a white truck. to see if aking truck was caught on camera. >> your cell phone can bring you the world by webb, text, and tweet. is it taking a toll on your character? it is start. people close these grains up. people can be obnoxious with their funds.
and at of the cap on georgia avenue. are said to be unrelated. the march is planned this at 7:00. >> mitt romney won big in puerto rico. he captured more than 50% of the vote. a distantorum was second. newt gingrich and ron paul are to the next contest. illinois holds its primary on tuesday. polls show mitt romney with a lead. >> apple is expected to make and announcement within hours. apple is sitting on a ton of cash, nearly $100 billion. analysts expect the company will type of dividend. that could boost apple's stock even higher. temperatures will get a bit higher later this week. >> not only are we looking at a up, we will deal with quite bit of a fog during the early- morning hours. watching us to the west, you may hear a few rumbles of founder. some storms are getting ready to move into west virginia. they will break up by the time closer towards the immediate metro area. what we have in terms of our futurecast. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies, a fraud that may limit down to a quarter of limit visibility quarter of a mile. >> the cherry blossom festival off in a fewcks days. most of the
the legislature. we are following breaking news coming in from the presidential campaign trail romney has scored a decisive victory in illinois over rick santorum. >> romney is expected to pick up 54e majority of illinois at delegates. about whatoke to them in this election. something thatow the president has not learned after three years and hundreds of billions of dollars spending and borrowing. is not the government that creates our prosperity. prosperity of america is the of free market and free they must be protected. >> we do not need a manager. we need somebody that is going pull up government by the people in the private sector. >> abc 7 is your election center. >> we are monitoring like developments from mexico where crews are assessing the damage after an earthquake hit today. dhat was centered aroun acapulco. people in our area are trying to to love one's that mexico.that area of >> we are getting more damage reports in. numbers we have are homes have been and 60 have collapsed. >> this earthquake is one of the strongest to hit mexico since d thousands in 1985. in mexico city, it forc
for the gop nomination. marco rubio endorses mitt romney. this comes as ron paul and mitt romney -- ron paul and newt gingrich campaigned in our state. one day after downsizing his campaign, newt gingrich spoke with supporters at georgetown. the primary is this coming tuesday. >> we have a story every parent will want to see. >> a report that shows how often your children may be bullied. >> how would you like to make six times as much money as you do in one year? the head of bank of america has done that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> a new problem for metro, and
the republican presidential primary in louisiana beating front runner at night romney. santorum has picked up at least 8 convention delegates. romney continues to hold a commanding lead in the ballot count. they're now focusing on the next contest in maryland, d.c., and wisconsin. those will take place april 3. despite the rainy weather people still turned out for the cherry blossom festival activities, several fund defense held in northwest, d.c. there was entertainment for the young and the young at heart. the u.s. postal service unveiled a commemorative stamp honoring the centennial of the cherry blossom festival. this year's festival coincides with the year of the japanese earthquake and tsunami. a grammy nominated singer debuted a documentary about relief efforts in japan after the disaster. people gathered at the japanese embassy to watch the film. she talked with abc 7 news after the event. >> the cherry blossom festival was gracious enough to make space for this. we are happy to be here and i get to perform tomorrow at the opening ceremonies and i feel honored to have been invited. >>
. and the battle over gambling in prince george's coun >> now let's go to vote 2012. mitt romney is defending himself amid new attacks from democrats who are trying portray him as being out of touch. he said the criticism would produce at one outcome less success. he is worth an estimated -- maryland and d.c.'s primary will be held this tuesday. rick santorum was also in wisconsin, taking aim at romney in a recent comment he made. he joked about his father closing down a factory in michigan and moving the jobs to wisconsin. santorum said he will not win the poughkeepsie making jokes -- he will not win the candidacy making jokes about firing people. and a new casino and prince portis khan has a new supporter. stephanie rawlings blight sent a letter to maryland terrace. prince george's county supports the plan to build the casino at national harbor. rawlings-blake said she would like to see table games and a teacher casino in baltimore. tonight, the fast-food chain wendy's is asking the question asked nearly 30 years ago -- >> hey, where is the beef? >> tonight how wendy's answered that questi
of kansas. >> the former pennsylvania stand a chancet of surpassing that romney. front brother took a patting his lead with 18 delegates overnight from guam and the marian islands. next pivotal contests are on tuesday. alabama and mississippi primaries. either state could his electability faster. newt gingrich said that the is his path to victory. tuesday could be his last stand. he is short on money and g calls to drop out of the race. >> if we can win alabama and mississippi on tuesday night, we n reset the campaign. only ron paul has a clear to the delegates needed. main rival could keep him from it. >> now to state politics. the general assembly will be holding a special session. both chambers were supposed to adjourn. unanimously to return to debate the state budget. the two parties have not been come to an agreement on budget plan. >> turning out to the weather. chilly, but things are warming up. we have a reminder about daylight savings. >> absolutely. a friendly reminder for the last time you will hear the reminder for daylight savings time. do not forget to spring ahead by
into the gop primaries. boaters' outspoken and what has been a tight race between mitt romney, new gingrich, and rick santorum. about 45 minutes ago, santorum s declared the winner in alabama. just 10 minutes ago, santorum was declared the winner in mississippi in a race that night.late into the >> this is a grass-roots campaign for president. who would have ever thought in the age of media that we have in today that ordinary folks from across this country odds, day in and day out. >> in addition to mississippi alabama, voters in hawaii irresolution in hawaii is not several more hours. all the contenders have been waiting for the return, obama british prime minister david cameron were there in dayton for of the n.c.a.a. tournament. the president is a big basketball fan. watched western kentucky defeat mississippi valley state by just one point. earlier, president obama bracket.his >> everybody is talking about the weather. the unusually warm weather is away -- not going away. >> what a day indeed. of our warmest winters ever, here we are in spring. it does not feel like may. these temperatu
with front runner mitt romney. if romney wins alabama some say the nominating process could be over. >> things are getting warmer in the weather department. a very mild day today and those temperatures are just going to keep on going up as the week goes on. let's check in now with steve ruden for more. >> and change is on the way. what a beautiful afternoon we had across the mid-atlantic. temperatures well into the 60s if not the 70s. 65 at dulles, 64 at winchester. look at petersburg, west virginia made it up to 7 degrees earlier in the day. here's your wakeup forecast from the weather center. scattered clouds and temperatures in the upper 30s to middle hos. 2 the noticeable difference will be the sun rise an hour later at 7:23 in the morning. be prepared if you head to work at around 7:00 it's going to be a little darker than you're used to. coming up we have a much warmer forecast, a touch of humidity on the way. >> all right, thank you and still to come here, caught on tape a dramatic rescue of a cruise ship passenger off the coast of virgi
illinois win. a new poll finds mitt romney in a substantial lead against rick santorum at this point. president obama defenses energy record. president obama says the united states should not allow other countries to capitalize on new energy technologies. >> opponents of maryland's same- sex marriage law are organizing efforts to get the measure overturned. training sessions are being taught to help them collect signatures. a 56,000 signatures are collected by june 30, it could be put on a ballot to decide by voters in november. activists say they are getting a strong response. >> supporters say they are mounting their own defense with an on-line petition, gov. martin o'malley signed the petition into law. this measure was an attempt to overturn the two-year-old gay marriage law and to restore a law allowing several unions. if past new hampshire would be the first day to repeal a gay marriage lot. >> coming up, a local teen always seems to be at the right place at the right time. >> an unusual ranking for the nation's capitol. a new study that may surprise you. >> i hope the boss liv
, including virginia will go to the polls. more than 400 delegates will be up for grabs. mitt romney picked up the endorsement of eric cantor today. newt gingrich had no campaign events, but appeared on the morning talk shows while ron paul headed to alaska. >> no matter who wins in november, the inauguration will probably affect hundreds of thousands of people next year. hotels are already selling out. rooms are going for luxury prices even at mid-level hotels. the room rate and the comfort inn in boston is nearly $400 per night. the best western in georgetown will cost about $700. >> bounty scheme -- a new development on the growing scandal within the nfl. >> there was a pretty stern message from president barack obama at the aipac conference. we have what he is saying to both israel and iran. >> >> tomorrow, all eyes will be on the white house as president obama meets with benjamin netanyahu. >> the talks come amid growing tensions with iran. the president addressed the issues in today's aipac convention. >> we say to barack obama -- >> we are in a very dangerous position right now appear
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22